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The Witch’s Familiar Runic Oracle


The Witch's Familiar Runic Oracle is a deck of ✨24 cards✨based on the meanings of the Elder Futhark (Nordic Runes), and inspired by the beautiful animal companions we share our world with. Owls and ravens, snakes and hares, cute little bumble bees all surrounded by swirls of magic dance across the cards. You will find some of your favourite beasties as well as some less familiar ones, each embodying the meanings, qualities and energies of the various runes they have been chosen to symbolise.

The dimensions are 85x55mm, that means each card is approximately the size of a credit card, and they are easy to pop in a pocket or handbag. The cards are printed on sturdy 400gm card and coated with a protective matt laminate, so they both feel wonderful, and have lasting protection. They will come packaged in a sturdy black box with shiny foil printing.

There is also the option of adding on the A5 size runic reference sheet. This keyword guide is great to keep handy for quick reference.



I have always been fascinated by this ancient Norse 'alphabet', and the symbols' ability to both divine and imbue. As a divination system, Runes can tell us about all those things most important to us: home, family, love, prosperity, health and the fulfilment of our destinies. They can also imbue objects and ceremonies with the energies they embody. As such, I loved the fact that by placing a rune on each card, it not only denotes the meaning that card will have within the oracle deck, but also lends its energy to the card, imbuing it with it's nature. 

As such, these cards are perfect as part of a daily divination practice, as well as a tool for ceremony, to help focus and call in energy during ritual. Ask the cards for guidance, or call on them to bring luck, protection or new love during a spell.


The Witch's Familiar Runic Oracle will come with a downloadable PDF guide book, which will function as an introduction to runes, and will contain my personal interpretations of the runes and their animal companions individual meanings. While I encourage you to develop your own relationship with the cards and apply any existing knowledge you might have of runic law and meaning to the cards as your work with them, those unfamiliar with these magical symbols need have no worry, the guide book will give you all the information you will need. 

For those with experience with runes I have made a point of not deviating from the runes established meanings, as I understand them. Which ultimately means, as with Tarot, you also have a very ancient and rich library of knowledge out in the world, to help deepen and broaden your practice

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